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Julian Adam Ridjal

(Agribusiness Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Jember University, Indonesia.)

presented on 25 june 2013 in the International Conference

Citrus was could to increase farmer prosperity, to arise regional and national
economics. Therefore, it needs research about citrus marketing in Jember Regency. This objective of the study was (1) to identify and analyze channel of siam Citrus marketing in Jember Regency; (2) to identify and analyze citrus marketing efficiency. The study was conducted in selected areas of Umbulsari, Jember Regency, East of Java. The determination of research area was based on purposive sampling method. The method of data analysis used in this study was marketing efficiency analysis. The result of research indicate that (1) There are three category that showing channel of siam citrus marketing, there is : (a) from farmer to PP I (compiler merchant) then to PP II (consignor merchant) last to PBLK ( market), (b) from farmer to PBLK through of PP II, (c) from farmer directly to PBLK (market). (2) Second (2nd) channel of siam citrus marketing is efficient channel. Others there was still imbalance distribution of marketing margin, profit and marketing cost, as well as the ratio of profit to marketing cost of the market actors.

Keywords : siam citrus marketing channel, marketing efficiency.

Oranges are one of horticultural commodities are quite beneficial for members to use and has been shown to improve the welfare of farmers. Potential economic value that can be utilized from a relatively large citrus crop. Besides consumed as fresh fruit, citrus can potentially be processed into various products that have high economic value. The result of a citrus fruit that is commonly done is in the form of pure juice, juice fast food, watches, jelly, and mamalade. Approximately 70-80% developed type of orange citrus growers still a Siamese, while other types are tangerine and pamelo. Most of the citrus fruit produced from the entire production centers traded and consumed in fresh form (Ministry of Agriculture,2005).

Jember is a regional production centers in East Java, Siam oranges, better known by the name of Orange Semboro, because the first work in the area of orange groves. Siam Jember famous orange with a sweet taste, soft texture and fresh fruit with a gentle aroma and easily exfoliated skin. In the years 1998-1999 for the first time Umbulsari oranges cultivated in the district, followed Semboro District and District Bangsalsari. This is because he has done eradication in some central areas caused by the Siamese orange CVPD attack. In all three areas of this district, citrus crops are generally cultivated in the
land / paddy field with Latosol and Alluvial soils. It is backed by the economic value of citrus Siem very promising for farmers compared to conventional commodities cultivated during this and the public interest / farmers who are still high (Department of Agriculture and Food, 2005).
Based on the tendency of such a society and so that farmers can obtain accurate
information on citrus agribusiness in Jember siem, it is necessary to do research on Factor Analysis of a Group Determinants of Farmer Participation, Revenue and Marketing in Orange Siem Jember.
Citrus marketing is happening right now through the traditional pattern of the
system blow, bonded to the collectors. Bargaining position of farmers as producers still felt weak.
1. How is siam citrus marketing channel in Jember?
2. How is the efficiency of marketing citrus in Jember siam?


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